The Pavilia Hill Bookmark

The Pavilia Hill is a luxury bespoke residence in the heart of Hong Kong and curated by Cultural Entrepreneur Adrian Cheng under New World Development’s The Artisanal Movement.

The design pays tribute to nature and artisanship. Its interior and landscape designs are all based on Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic and worldview centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

A set of 4 bookmarks was designed as gifts for guests during the walking tour of the residence’s 4 key areas at the party. The materials for the bookmarks were selected encapsulate / reflect the sensibility of each area:

侘寂  美 — Swimming Pool & On Sen
To match the interior design and feel of nature a rough raw textured paper was selected and treated with a UV effect to create the reflection of words in water.

回歸真我 — Meditation Room
Hot stamped Japanese Pachica paper was used to create translucent effects, showing the type when light strikes through from its back – a metaphor for the ‘Return to Self’

和敬清寂 — The Tea Pavilion
The four concepts under the principles of Chado, The Way of Tea – 和 (Harmony), 敬 (Respect), 清 (Purity), 寂 (Tranquility) were printed on a special paper reminiscent of the Japanese art of repairing pottery with lacquer that is dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum – embracing the flawed or imperfect.

山水有清音 — Landscape Garden
For Zen master Shunmyo Masuno’s Landscape Garden 山 (Mountain), 水 (Water), 有 (Existence), 清 (Purity), 音 (Sound) of crafted stones, a sand textured paper, rough like a rock’s surface was selected.