WeRise (風起航) is an initiative that aims to educate and provide insightful measures for families and caregivers of stroke patients; to ensure that they are well equipped to attend to those in need. In addition, this initiative aspires to remove the negative stigma associated with the stroke condition and to instill a message of hope.

Our goal was to represent the uplifting and hopeful sentiment through developing the brand identity; from Chinese naming to logo design, as well as printed and digital collateral from the ground up. The Chinese naming ‘風起航’ is a word play with ‘風’, which has a dual meaning of ‘stroke’ and ‘wind’ as enablers to setting sail and reaching further endeavours. The English naming ‘WeRise’ represents a collective effort of getting back on our feet. Derived from its bilingual brand name the logo is constructed of three triangular shapes that symbolise a ship with its sails raised as well as two people walking side by side. The combination of the two triangular sails in the logo also subtly form the letter ‘W’ to characterise ‘WeRise’.

A bright teal blue was chosen as the brand colour to compliment the theme of setting sail into sea and sky, whilst exemplifying the essence of optimism and calmness as a response to the condition. The visual language was implemented in their website design that serves as a digital resource hub for stroke caregivers, as well as a caregivers handbook.