Inside Outside

Inside Outside is a hand-crafted book for ACTS Group, a real-estate design and development company, and was designed to serve as a gift to clients and business partners in celebration of their 10th Anniversary. The book’s design concept incorporates and aligns with ACTS corporate identity: Inside Outside. The book showcases the client’s high profile projects including small luxury hotels and residences in Asia. It is designed as a Limited Edition, its aim – to be a collectible, leaving every recipient of this book with an unforgettable impression.

The front and back cover of the book is made of solid timber, representing substantiality, significance and sustainability – values which people can touch and feel.

The word ‘Inside’ on the front cover is laser cut to allow light to beam through – it is a window, looking in from the ‘outside’ to the ‘inside’ of the book, and leads the reader to the pages that follow, skilfully demonstrating the relationship between nature and our personal experiences. The title on the book spine is lined with gold foil, which, like the works of the client, creates a sense of subtle luxury.

A collection of photos on the client’s exterior and interior design projects are arranged alternatively to echo thematically with ‘Inside Outside’ and help set the rhythm for its reader.