The Faith and Global Engagement

The Faith and Global Engagement initiative at The University of Hong Kong is a platform created to encourage purposeful engagement with current issues pertaining to faith in an open and constructive manner.Dialogues are hosted from a Christian scholarly perspective whilst welcoming those with a different school of thought to share in an environment of mutual respect. The goal is to integrate faith and theology with social responsibility in the most practical sense.

The Faith and Global Engagement Five Year Footprint is a report that summarises the growth and outreach of the Faith and Global Initiative over the course of five years. Taking inspiration from the Matthew 17:20 verse in the Bible, the report is designed around the idea that such tremendous achievement can stem from faith even the size of a mustard seed. The analogy is reflective of the small effort planted into the university that has grown over time to become a thriving community far reaching much wider aspects of society. The bright colours, complimentary graphics, and oversized nature of the report were chosen to symbolise growth and abundance from a single mustard seed.