Wander from Within

We have been commissioned to design the event identity and exhibition catalogue of Wander from Within, an exhibition that unveiled the first artisanal furniture collection co-designed by Adrian Cheng and master Japanese designer Shigeru Uchda. The exhibition was held during Milan Design Week 2017.

Inspired partially by Japan’s picturesque scenery, Uchida’s ‘Khora’ furniture collection of wooden seats and tables crafted from intricately woven screens cast eccentric-patterned shadows over the exhibition space.

Khora is a philosophical space between being and non-being, physical and non-physical. This concept of ‘Khora’ is reflected in the designed collateral by overlaying the same key image within itself to create a frame that acts as a dimension to a metaphysical world that transcends the boundaries of reality. The exhibition catalogue is printed on the finest Japanese paper and is hand sewn in order to resemble the artisanal craftsmanship of the Khora furniture collection. Each catalogue includes a hand crafted bamboo strip created by the Japanese craftsman Chuzo Toazwa who crafted the Khora chairs using the same materials.