Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile

The Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile (CHAT) is a cultural arts centre located at The Mills in Tsuen Wan, focused on weaving together contemporary art, design, science, heritage, community and craftsmanship.Through its curated programmes, which include permanent and temporary exhibitions, artist talks and immersive co-learning workshops, CHAT invites visitors to witness the innovative legacy of the Hong Kong textile industry up close.

Inspired from the most fundamental structure of warps and wefts used in weaving textiles, CHAT’s logo reflects its mission of interlacing different voices, disciplines and practices into a vibrant cultural tapestry. The logo also doubles as a hashtag to symbolise its contemporary relevance and groundbreaking innovation in the field of textile arts. The logo is also integrated into a visual brand identity that is applied across print, digital, signage and environmental graphic applications.