theDesk is a Hong Kong found co-working space that provides more than a well-designed environment to work in. Its mission is to build inclusive global and local communities while enabling business growth for both its members and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Being involved with theDesk since conception, it was important to establish a brand identity as a market differentiator by emphasising its focus on people, community and connection. Starting with the logo; the design is constructed of two round and rectangular shapes that represent tables joined together to form a ‘D’ abbreviated from theDesk. Tables are where people gather and connect to establish communities, likewise theDesk provides a platform for collaboration. The logo is implemented as a base element for a diverse set of pattern compositions further accentuating the flexible and diverse quality of theDesk.

Inspired by the Modernist approach, the geometric simplicity of the logo and branding is made to reflect the sleek and purposely minimal architectural spaces of theDesk. We also created a clear signage system made of coherent typography and icons derived from the logo to ensure ease of use and navigation. Along with a complete set of stationary and print applications, the comprehensive branding strategy affirms the distinct value of inclusive community that theDesk has to offer.