K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Founded in Hong Kong, K11 Craft & Guild Foundation (KCG) is a non-profit arts and culture foundation with a mission to laud and preserve traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Through reviving vastly rich yet fading artistry, KCG provides a platform to support and nurture emerging Chinese craftspeople, who build upon tradition and bring forth the future of contemporary craft and guild.

Centred around the notions of skill and expertise, the brand identity is conceived upon the expression of intricacies that so often define the mastery required of each craft. The logo presents a modern interpretation of the Chinese character ‘工’ forming a bold yet simple statement. The details are derived from the chamfered corners of the English wordmark, exemplifying the subtle refinement of contemporary artistry.

To form a holistic branding identity, a stationery set was created together with an array of packaging and publications in both the physical and digital realms. A set of four books were designed to feature the four types of artistry currently KCG is dedicated to advocate and preserve, namely Guangcai, Baibaoqian, Plaster Moulding and Wooden Architecture. Additionally, a perfectly fitted gift box was carefully devised to encase a ceramic plate decorated in delicate Guangcai.