Culture for Tomorrow

Culture for Tomorrow (CFT) is a non-profit organisation focused on supporting cultural endeavours in Hong Kong. It seeks out and empowers local rising changemakers and helps amplify their impact by connecting them to wider networks and platforms.

As CFT brings talent and organisations together to build synergy and innovation, the brand identity is reflective of its imperative role as a connector. Likewise, the logo is constructed of the three words ‘Culture for Tomorrow’ that link together to compose an overall ‘C’ form. A secondary interchangeable system is developed for titles or statements to link to the brand logo, accentuating the concept of connection. The comprehensive layout system provides flexibility and is readily adaptable according to the organisation’s need, from showcasing their work to fostering collaborations across a multitude of platforms. The extensive set of applications from web, digital, print to stationery and event graphics echo the generative and diverse nature of CFT in producing creative output through a vast connective network.