Shifting Objectives

M+ Museum’s first design exhibition – ‘Shifting Objectives: Design from the M+ Collection’ – explores the various concepts and framework that have shaped and broadened our understanding of design.This exhibition features dozens of key objects and works – from mid-twentieth century Japanese furniture, to familiar products from Hong Kong’s manufacturing era.

Commissioned to design the identity, event graphics, signage and printed collateral for this exhibition, we have created the exhibition’s identity as a ‘ghost’, formed by using Kuramato Shiro’s Oba-Q Lamp in conjunction with the first version of Emoji, both of which are exhibits from the show. These two entities were specifically juxtaposed against each other as their contrasting forms have both influenced the way we have come to understand design; yet simultaneously, both visually compliment each other to create a recognisable visual of a ‘ghost’. This stark visual shifts the way in which we perceive conventional forms and accentuates the notion of ‘Shifting Objectives’.

The exhibition title ‘Shifting Objectives’ was designed to be a dynamic logotype as well as a graphic way finding device to provide directions for visitors to navigate the exhibition area. The simple execution of the exhibition’s logotype communicates the ‘multi-perspective’ nature of the show.