Hong Kong Young Architects & Designers Competition 2017

In an effort to encourage and nurture young talents from Hong Kong, the West Kowloon Cultural District launched the Hong Kong Young Architects & Designers Competition in 2017, calling young creatives of Architecture, Design and other related fields to design a temporary pavilion in the West Kowloon Nursery Park.The new pavilion will create an informal creative space that invites the community to experience talks, workshops and performances.

Our concept for the competition’s identity is heavily rooted in the ‘young local talents’ aspect of the competition, using an abstract approach to capture the essence of ‘youth’ and the possibilities of fresh and unrestraint ideas.

Challenging the pre-conceived notions of architecture and design as rigid and stark constructions, the paper forms capture a different kind of excitement—creating intimate and interactive spaces through scale and depth. The free-form landscapes speak to the nature of the competition: open yet focused—a pavilion that will be shaped by the new generation of Hong Kong yet experienced by all.