SIE Fund Portfolio

The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) focuses on cultivating and supporting social innovation to undertake issues of poverty and social exclusion within Hong Kong. To foster a socially beneficial ecosystem, the SIE Fund provides social entrepreneurs with a wide pool of resources for research and capacity building to uphold the entire life cycle of innovative programmes.

In order to illustrate the work and impact of the fund, a portfolio box based on the Social-Inno Box which houses videos telling stories of the fund’s work has been devised to depict areas and projects that have been backed thus far. Three bold graphic arrows characterise the priority areas of research, capacity building and innovative programmes as overarching outlines of the portfolio. Contained within each area, colour coded sections are arranged to represent different sectors of society assisted by the aid of the SIE Fund. A boxed ring binder format that encases the content allows for flexibility to change and curate sections according to the needs the user while accommodating to the ever-growing list of projects taken under by the SIE Fund.