The Artisanal Movement

Integral to New World Development, The Artisanal Movement is a cultural vision and philosophy for living. It is dedicated to celebrating the skilful expertise of artisans today and rekindling the human touch in an age of machines.By engaging craftsmanship throughout various projects, The Artisanal Movement cultivates artistry-driven, quality experiences in the public realm.

Tasked with improving their logo, we established a more legible and clean calligraphic logotype for The Artisanal Movement. A brand book was also created to encapsulate their manifesto while showcasing their vision through project expression. By amplifying tactile experiences in a series of different paper texture and printing effects, the design exudes an artisanal quality. The crafted collection is bound together by hand-sewn binding, further imbuing the artistry nature of The Artisanal Movement.