A unique addition to the K11 Art Mall membership program, Uth KLUB is created specially for the Gen Z population in Hong Kong. Focused on providing exclusive art, cultural, and career development experiences, Uth KLUB offers a wide array of privileges with youth appeal.

Spotlighting individuality and identity, a series of six personalities were conceived to illustrate the dynamic realm of Uth KLUB. The Foodie, The Fashionista, The Intellect, The Aesthete, The Athlete, and The Techie are experiential embodiments of K11 Art Mall. Each personality is brought to life through vibrant illustrations of symbolic objects representative of the personas. The illustrations are then collaged into a set of digital card faces that members personalise to represent themselves and their interests on the K11 Mobile App. The membership is finalised with a unifying logo depicting the lively, distinctive nature of Uth KLUB within the broader sphere of the K11 world.