Colouring Timeline

Colouring Timeline is an artistic expression that showcases the range and quality of Antalis’ white paper range for CMYK printing. The intrinsic nature of white symbolises the infinitude of time in which meaning is found through the presence of life.As a contrasting extension to Antalis’ series beginning with Catching Moonbeams published in black, Colouring Timeline is an entirely white accordion book. The white canvas is splashed with colours made from captured moments by photographer, Bowy Chan that represent the fleeting yet spirited timeline of human life.

The purposely chosen images are arranged as loose chronological representations of life progression, yet are not limited by definitive standards established by time or age. The photos exhibit the broad temperatures of existence; a variation of warm to cool tones represent life lived abundantly through a spectrum of emotions and circumstances. In the positioning of photos, from the irregular rhythms of childhood, a structured grid gradually appears and gives way to rules and frameworks of responsibilities that grow with maturity. Evolving with the progression of the timeline, the array of paper transitions from pure whites to yellowed whites, echoing the inevitable process of ageing. The notion of the round egg appears both in the beginning and end to represent the circularity of life; this concept is subtly emphasised by encasing the book in an Eggshell textured box. Taking its course through universal human experiences from young to old, the readers are met with self-reflective moments to contemplate upon, all the while exploring potentials of the quality paper Antalis proudly provides.