Superfine Defined

Mohawk Superfine has long been reputable for its finest printing paper amongst veterans of the creative field. Building on their rich heritage their goal was to improve market competitiveness. They appreciated the need to reach wider consumer base by appealing to the new generation of young designers.With such in mind, we were approached by Tai Tak Takeo Fine Paper to increase their brand exposure whilst exhibiting the broad range of quality paper they provide.

We addressed this by developing a marketing campaign named ‘Superfine Defined’. In a call of action, we invited Hong Kong young creatives of different disciplines to submit original images and short descriptions of what ‘superfine’ meant to them. With hundreds of submissions from young designers, the campaign was a success.

The collaborative effort of defining ‘superfine’ is embodied in this miniature cubic booklet, designed and made with exquisite precision and delicacy. From the hardback cover to the core content, each page was carefully curated to synthesise the definition of ‘superfine’, simultaneously exhibiting the various textures and thicknesses of the Mohawk Superfine paper collection. Offering a rich canvas for infinite possibilities, the collection epitomises the transformative power of medium and subject.