Inspired by the natural wonders of the Nordic landscape, Juvil is a China based fine jewellery brand that brings the modern luxury experience to life through exquisite craftsmanship. Timeless elegance enfolds each product, carrying the essence of purity from rare stones sourced in the lands of Scandinavia.

Reflecting the subtle luxury of Juvil, a complete set of packaging is created to encase each piece of jewellery with meticulous care and sophistication, branded with a logo refined from a handwritten signature. Gentle and luscious textures provide an opulent tactile experience, adorned with a silky touch of ribbon for the complete indulged experience. Developed with washes of blush pink, grey and accents of rose gold, the packaging and stationery draws from the polished interiors of Juvil’s flagship store to complete a distinct lasting impression on customers.